So you found the home that you want and signed that purchase agreement. Then your realtor told you that you have the opportunity to have the home inspected. So what happens now? 

For starters, if you are reading this you have reached an experienced home inspector who is reputable, highly trained, skilled and able to educate you on the home you are looking to purchase. Your purchase agreement will specify how long you have to complete your inspection and request contingencies from the seller or cancel your agreement outright. So, schedule your home inspection as soon as possible to give your realtor ample time to negotiate with the seller.

On the day of the inspection I ask that whoever is involved in the buying decision be present for the entire inspection. Many home inspectors don’t want the client present because it may slow them down or they think they may become distracted and miss something while talking and inspecting at the same time. I want you there by my side for the entire inspection. While I conduct my inspection I narrate what I’m looking for and what I am seeing. I explain what I find, why it may be a problem, and what course of action can be taken to remedy the situation. Another valuable part of the inspection is that I actually give an orientation to the home. You will learn where important features of the home are, what routine maintenance will be required of certain items in the home, and vital safety information that could save someone’s life some day. I encourage you to ask as many questions as you can so you have the best understanding of the home you are about to purchase. What sets me apart from other home inspectors is the educational aspect of the inspection. Most people say they know more about the home they are purchasing than the home they currently live in.

During the inspection the most important items I look for are things that may affect your family’s safety and things that may end up costing you money. These are major defects such as structural issues, moisture intrusion, electrical issues, plumbing defects, roof leaks, or even furnace and other mechanical defects. I pay close attention to issues that may hinder your ability to finance, insure or occupy the home. Certain lenders or agencies have requirements that must be met before they authorize or back the mortgage and that’s not something you want to discover at the last minute of the closing process. web_work.001.jpgI also learn from you what is important to your lifestyle and contentment and discuss those issues throughout the inspection. If you have a growing family we will pay attention to how flexible the home can be for future growth. If you or a family member has special needs, I will look for those features that support those needs or the feasibility of upgrades to the home to meet those needs. Have a home business or hobby? I will help you determine if the house can meet those needs. What we can’t do is cause any damage to a home during the discovery process so opening walls, digging holes, removing fixtures and other intrusive measures are naturally not allowed. That being said we will do everything we can to discover what we can about the home at the time of the inspection. While I do not possess a time machine to be able to predict any possible future issue, what we discover during the inspection will tells us a great deal about the home.

After the inspection I will return to my office, compile photos of everything we discussed during the inspection, and complete a very detailed inspection report for you. Within 24 hours of the inspection you will received a notification via email that your report is completed and ready to be viewed. You can then use the login information in the email to access your inspection report on our website, on your own computer. With your permission I will authorize access to your agent so you both can look at the same information at the same time without having to meet in person. If you prefer a hard copy you hold in your hand I will be happy to provide one at no additional cost via mail. Either way, the report will contain vital general information about the home as well as photos and descriptions of every defect discovered during the inspection itself. A sample inspection report can be viewed under the Sample Reports tab on the website menu. While I don’t fill your report with pages and pages of minor and cosmetic issues, there may be some items that are more important than others. I put a lot of information in your report and don’t want you to be overwhelmed, so it is vitally important to go over your inspection report with your realtor. Decide what is most important to you, discuss with your agent what is realistic to ask of the seller and make a game plan together. I do not offer opinions on whether you should buy the house or if the house is valued properly. I only present the physical evidence obtained during the inspection so you and you realtor can make the most informed decision possible.

The objective of this process is for you to learn as much as possible about your buying decision. The purchase of a home is one of, if not the, largest purchase you will ever make. You don’t want to make a poor, and possibly very expensive, mistake. I will help you discover as much as possible about your potential home so you can make an informed decision.

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