The Myth of the Deal KillerNewspaper article claiming unprofessional inspectors are killing solid deals

There is a common fallacy that Home Inspectors kill real estate deals, especially among the real estate agent community.  I hear and read comments like, “If it passes the inspection, we’re good to go.”  Or, “The client was all excited, until the inspection.”  Even, “The home inspector killed my deal.”  I’ve had agents tell me that I need to be less picky or agents will stop referring clients to me.  I’ve had dozens of inspections where significant defects were uncovered, and I never heard a word from that agent again.  The most surprising thing to me when I began doing home inspections some 12 years ago was that the clients themselves didn’t want me to find anything wrong and “kill the deal” because they had already envisioned themselves living in the home.  Well the tale of the deal killer is a myth.  It is common folklore that comes from misinformation and wives tales.

Inspection ReportTo dispel the myth one first needs a clear understanding of the purpose of a home inspection, the role of the home inspector, and how to process the results of the home inspection.

No reputable home inspector approaches an inspection from the standpoint of wanting to find things wrong and discourage a client from purchasing a home.  The purpose of the inspection is to have an unbiased, experienced professional review of the home in detail and report the condition to the client, and if they chose, their agent.  The home inspector has no skin in the game so to speak.  I have absolutely zero concern whether the home is purchased or not.  I have no interest, financially or otherwise, in the completion of the sale or any of the negotiations with the seller that may occur after the inspection.  I simply supply information about the condition of the property.  Once that information is presented to the client, they in turn work with their agent and make a game plan based on my findings.  A good agent then helps their client determine which items found on the inspection are worthy of taking action.  Those actions can be repair requests sent to the seller, price compensation to cover repairs, or even walking away and finding a more suitable property.  Sometimes the home is priced accordingly and it’s in the buyer’s interest to purchase as-is.

Purchase agreement being torn up

Reputable real estate agents that are dedicated to serving their clients want a true and honest inspection done. 

Many agents I network with have the attitude that they want to be 100% sure they are putting their client in the best home possible.  They understand that it is in their client’s best interest to move on to another house if significant issues are discovered.  They guide their client through the process and help them to make the most informed decisions concerning what was found on the home inspection.  The great agents I know aren’t looking to sell a home and make a deal.  They are looking to help someone reach their goal of finding the right home for them, thereby making a customer for life.  They don’t live in fear of the mythical Deal Killer.

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